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Performance range:

  • up to 200 m³/h (880 GPM)
  • up to 16.0 MPa (2300 psi)

Field of application:

  • For the transfer of dehydrated sludge or filter cakes from Industry and municipalities, Centrifuges, chamber filter presses, vacuum presses, and belt presses
  • Feeding incinerators for dehydrated and pre-dried sludge, hazardous waste, chemical residues, and solvents
  • In mining, for refilling and transporting paste-like mine slurry

Solids Handling pumps for difficult media at extremely high pressure.

    ABEL SH solids handling pumps span a wide performance range and are also suited for a large number of pumping media and applications. These high pressure pumps really prove their worth when extremely abrasive, paste-like and compact media (e.g. dehydrated sewage sludge) have to be conveyed safely at high pressure. At ABEL, this high-capacity pump has extra wall thickness and a large intake valve, which, when combined with a very good filling ratio, produce a service life that is longer than the norm.

    Along with the actual pump unit (consisting of sludge, hydraulic main and valve cylinders) an ABEL SH thick matter pump comprises a total of four components: the actual pump, the hydraulic drive unit, a feed screw to fill the product cylinder, and a control cabinet with PLC. The programmable logic controller is the brain of the system and allows for integration with complex processes and control room systems.

    Available with ATEX certification.


  • sealed pipline transfer
  • high solid content, up to 80%
  • long service life
  • long transfer distance
  • highly energy efficient
  • adjustment by means of frequency converter on demand


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