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For 70 years specialists for piston diaphragm pumps

In 1947, ABEL GmbH was founded as an engineering company by Wilhelm Abel in Düsseldorf. In the beginning, the company manufactured and sold pumps for the mining industry. As the years passed, additional products and sales markets were added.

Today, ABEL is known throughout the world for its production of diaphragm, solids handling, high pressure and marine pumps. By now, the company group consists of several firms and approximately 150 employees worldwide. The design and development, production, and customer service departments are located together at the company’s headquarters in Büchen, just outside of Hamburg.

Thanks to more than 70 years’ experience, we are one of the leading specialists in the pumping of slurries in high-pressure applications. Piston diaphragm pumps are our business.

Our product development is characterized by innovation in the field of pump and material technology. This innovation is transparent in everything we do, from design and production, right through to marketing and sales.

Since 2015, ABEL has been a part of the Hillenbrand Group, a global diversified industrial company.


1947 foundation by by Wilhelm Abel in Düsseldorf.
1971 The first piston diaphragm pump with polypropylene head is delivered.
1975 The first hose-diaphragm piston pump (in which the medium is transported within a hose-shaped diaphragm) is delivered.
1982 Market launch of the spherical diaphragm pump, a further development of the hose-diaphragm piston pump.
1990 The first conical-valve solids handling pump is developed and delivered.
1995 Market launch of the first electromechanical diaphragm pump (with patented drive concept) in the world.
1995 Market launch of the first HM pump - a piston diaphragm pump with pre-formed, stretch-free diaphragm.
1999 Market launch of the HMS and HMD, which were the first complete series of single and double-action piston diaphragm pumps in the world with pre-formed, stretch-free membrane.
2001 Expansion of the HM series, triplex pumps (HMT), and quadruplex pumps (HMQ). The HM series was expanded to include pumps with more than 100 m²/h (440 GPM) and up to 25.0 MPa (3625 psi) of pump pressure.
2003 Development of the HPT series, which are high pressure plunger pumps used as process pumps with up to 25.0 MPa (3625 psi) of pump pressure.


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